Product of the week - Boy Butter personal lubricant

Product of the week - Boy Butter personal lubricant

Here’s 4oz/110g of world famous Boy Butter personal lubricant. A little bit goes a loooong way, so you only need a small tub. 

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In May 2003, Feldman launched Boy Butter Original, a revolutionary coconut oil based cream personal lubricant. Homogenised into a buttery formula, they created a lubricant that is long lasting, hypoallergenic, and perfect for heightening sexual pleasure for both men and women. It will last as long as a silicone lubricant but is totally washable from any surface and fabric, with water alone - and it’s 100% stain free.

Click here for a video from the Boy Butter manufacturer explaining the benefits of this extraordinary product.

The Boy Butter philosophy is simple: they believe that personal lubricants should last as long as silicone but wash off with water alone, no more putting a protective towel on the bed or using rubber sheets, and they guarantee no more ‘shame stains’.

Boy Butter use organic ingredients and avoid using any synthetic silicone ingredients in their products - so they are more gentle, totally edible, washable and safe for use with all toys including silicone toys.


As the founder of Boy Butter says: “Try spreading a little Boy Butter into your tight agenda!”

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