Anal dilator - 10cm wide bulb/33cm long tube - easy pump/release

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Meet our newest product – the instant pump anal dilator. These aren't low quality items, they are built to last. Easy to clean and sporting an easy release button - they deflate in seconds ---- but inflate slowly ---- perfect for those new to anal play.

Dilators are used to gently open the rectum wider. It’s something that you might use on your own, or you might enjoy with  together with your partner. 

Over time, this procedure widens the rectum. It’s easy to use – just lubricate both the anal canal and the tip of the dilator before use (see our other listing for appropriate lubricants). Proper lubrication helps prevent potential discomfort due to dryness. Do not use a petroleum based lubricant.

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How to use your dilator

The tip of the dilator should be carefully positioned (deflated) carefully and usually at a right angle to the rectum. When deflated, insertion isn’t uncomfortable. The dilator recipient should exhale and gently ease the dilator into the anal canal. Communicate well during this process – take your time. Breathing deeply and slowly inserting the dilator deeper with each exhalation will make  penetration effortless.

If your ultimate intention is anal intercourse, then the dilator is fully inserted once the cuff (the flat end) is in full contact with the anus. Now is the time to pump the inflator bulb to increase the size of the inserted device.

After a moment, the dilator can be deflated fully (or partially) by using the easily accessible push button, and then it can be removed immediately. It is not necessary for the dilator to remain within the anal canal during intercourse or toy play as the anus remains open for quite some time after dilation. 


As is the case with all sex toys, you should always wash rectal dilators before use with soap and warm water. To ensure a fully sanitised experience, why not purchase some of the “After Dark” intimate wipes from our store, which are specially designed for properly cleaning sex toys and genitalia after play.