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Femidom - The female condom - 3 pack

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Femidom is a lubricated condom for women. It is an effective method of contraception which protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 

Unlike male condoms, Femidom does not restrict the penis, but gently lines the vagina, allowing both you and your partner to relax and enjoy comfortable, sensitive lovemaking. It is simple and easy to insert - see the instructional video in our photo gallery.

You can be reassured that when used according to the instructions, Femidom is as effective as other barrier methods. Femidom is made from a nitrile polymer, a synthetic material that is latex free. In addition, there have been no reported allergic reactions to either Femidom or the non-spermicidal lubricant.

Femidom can be used:

  • on its own, as your regular method of contraception
  • if you have missed a pill and need extra protection
  • if you are on the pill and are suffering side effects
  • if you need protection against infection

Each condom is designed for one use only. Contains 3 individually wrapped female condoms.

Expiry date: no earlier than April 2024. Manufactured in the United Kingdom.