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Solid Sound 14cm x 18mm ribbed urethral catheter/sound - stainless steel

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With the Ribbed Dilator you are assured of pleasure. This strong, durable dilator is made out of solid stainless steel. This gives the dilator a tight look and can be safely used in combination with any lubricant. The toy is also very unobtrusive thanks to the discreet design.

Do you want to enjoy something extra? Put the dilator in the fridge for a while or submerge it into cold water. This makes the dilator sensationally cold or lovingly hot.

This beautifully made urethral catheter from the Netherlands is made from medical grade stainless steel and is suitable for the stimulation of the penis, and with some practice, it can be inserted easily into the urethra and then create a stimulation like you have never felt before.

Also commonly also referred to as a urethral sound or a urethral dilator. 

Don't forget to add SURGI-gel sterile surgical grade lubricating gel to your order - you can add a discounted 10 pack of 3ml sachets with a long shelf life to your cart by ticking the box under the heading 'Frequently bought together' when adding the sound to your cart.


Overview of sounding

It’s important that you choose a good quality catheter for sounding – don’t cut corners and go for the cheap end of the market. This size device is good as an upgrade for beginners, due to its wider 18mm diameter.

Urethral sounding refers to the pleasure derived from inserting instruments (often medical sounds, but also other objects) into your (or someone else’s) urethra. Just like any type of sex play, there is no exact reason why a person does it apart from: "it just feels good”.

If you’re not familiar with the practice, click here for a Wikipedia page on ‘urethral sounding’ – or as always, you can always just Google the term and you’ll come up with plenty of information.

If you find ‘sounding’ curious and the thought of sliding smooth things into your penis, or your partner’s penis, turns you on, then this is the ideal gear for you.  it is important that you educate yourself in safe and healthy play before your begin, so we include a brief guide to sounding with your package.


Further information & specifications

This sound's tapered tip offers easy insertion, making it easy to insert a little extra of the sound each time until you are ready to insert the dilator completely.

Total length: 14.5cm
Total insertable length: 14cm
Maximum diameter: 18mm
Weight: 45 grams
100% solid stainless steel