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Anal Fetish Collection - 3 plugs in one box - the MOST amazing butt fun kit

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Want to see how this collection works for you? Then click on the videos in our product gallery.

This is THE ultimate anal fetish kit – three high quality and very different types of plugs all in the one box: 

First: The Master Plug

The Master Plug is made of TPR with a Polypropylene inner core, providing superior flexibility and strength.  And, thanks to our unique two-part moulding process, the stem at the base is thin and extremely comfortable.

Specs: Insertion length: 3 inches/75mm Diameter: 1 inch/25mm Circumference: 4.8 inches/12cm

 Second: The Hump Gear

The Hump Gear is the world's first butt plug that can be used for penetration.  Yes, a butt plug that has room for a penis or vibrator to be inserted. 

So how does it all work?  Well the top puts the plug on like a cock sheath, and then slowly inserts it into the person who is receiving; making sure the large nub above the base goes all the way in. 

Hump Gear is made of SilaSkinTM  which is a perfect mix of Silicone and TPR making it unbelievably stretchy and soft - yet strong so it contours to perfectly fit the receiver’s anatomy. 

Don’t forget – it’s not a condom, and you’ll probably need a water based lubricant (see our other listings for this). Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. Its unique flexibility makes cleaning really easy.

Specs: Insertion length: 6 inches/15cm Interior diameter: 0.7 inches/18mm Interior circumference: 2.25 inches/5.7cm

Third: The Tunnel Plug

Instead of just plugging someone’s butt, you can open it up and let your imagination go wild.  The incredible tunnel hole that goes all the way through the Tunnel Plug, clearing the way for various play including lube insertion, fingers, watersports and toys.  And, because this product is clear, it also makes it possible to see right into the other person. Browse through our gallery for a detailed insight ;)

Specs: Insertion length: 3 inches/7.5cm Maximum diameter: 2 inches/5.1cm